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"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little"


About Tamara

Tamara’s political philosophy is straightforward: Freedom. 

She was elected to the Republican Party of San Diego County Central Committee, 79th District where she also serves as the Chair of the Clubs & Coalitions Committee. 

She has a passion for working with grassroots organizations who are actively engaged in putting conservative ideas into practice. She networks with groups that unapologetically advocate for conservative principles, and supports those with the ability and desire to work with other conservatives to accomplish a shared goal. As one conservative leader wrote: “To put it bluntly, ideas count for nothing unless there is a way or will to implement them.” 

Tamara was raised in a military family that fell in love with San Diego while stationed here. This became the place she calls home. 

She lives in the South Bay area with her husband and belongs to a Baptist church in San Diego. 

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